Last Minute Love

Quick Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s day is rapidly approaching, and with it comes the pressure to impress your loved one. But that gets very expensive, very quickly. As a high school student, some of the fancier options aren’t feasible. Let’s face it- You won’t likely be taking your date to dinner at the Five-Sixty restaraunt atop Reunion tower, where the cheapest entrees are over $30, not including drinks or dessert.

Luckily, there are options. Not every restaraunt requires taking out a bank loan to eat at, and there are some cheap, classy places to eat here in Irving.

When you think of classy restaraunts, Angelo’s doesn’t necessarily come to mind. The food is great, but if you’ve never been there, don’t expect true Italian food. Don’t expect Vito and Luigi to be making your spaghetti. It is a nice quiet restaraunt, though, and the meals come at a good price. If you need recommendations, the Hamburger Steak and Pizza are both personal favorites.

Another good choice is La Madeleine, especially for Breakfast or Brunch. A charming little restaraunt, it offers some of the closest to true French food without having to fly to Paris. The sandwiches such as the French Dip and Croque monsieur are good choices, but the soups our also good

Feel like staying in for dinner? Pizza Hut is offering a special heart shaped pizza through Valentine’s day. While it may not be the classiest choice, I guarantee it’s $9.99 of pure love. And if you do do this, you could stay in and watch a movie.

If a date or fancy dinner isn’t your style, you can always rely on a good gift. Stuffed animals are classic, and nothing can beat a classic teddy bear. Other animals make good choices too, with dogs, monkeys, swans, and generally any animal with a heart on it making a good choice.

Chocolates make another good option, in any of its forms. You can get any shape of chocolate you want from hearts to flowers. If you want to stay healthy, dark choclate has been proven to be good for your heart. If you want to pretend to be healthy, get chocolate dipped strawberries. It may be fruit, but those never last more than one sitting. Can’t decide what kind of chocolate to get? Just get a variety pack. The love is still there.

Of course, the third great Valentine’s day gift is a bouquet of flowers. Roses, of course come to mind, but I find that carnations are just as good. Carnations are cheaper, look just as nice, and don’t have thorns running down the stems. And while it may be tempting to order a proffesional bouqet from 1-800 Flowers or another company, those can easily get expensive when you have to pay for the flowers, vase, delivery, etc. You can do just as well by assembling your own or picking one up from Kroger.

This is by no means a definitive list. If another date or gift seems more appropriate, than it likely is. Each person is unique, and the gifts, or dates, or other celebrations you choose should reflect that. These are just suggestions. But many of these can be be put together quickly so, if you are rushing, go ahead and use these ideas.