Dual Credit Class

MacArthur High School student Tiblets Berhe , Staff Writer

The Dual Credit Program is a way a student can earn college credit while attending high school, beginning as early as junior year.


I asked Mr. McEntire, who teaches the class this questions and some other students.


Q: Tell me about the dual credit  class you teach. Is it any different than teaching a regular class? If so, how?

 McEntire: I facilitate Principles of Business and Business Management at MacArthur High School. Students interact with information on North Lake’s website.  They also interact with the Professor at North Lake by email and through the discussion board questions. Yes, there is more facilitating or helping students with information related to the website where all of the information is.  I help but I am not the source for grades or curriculum. I facilitate between the professor and students as necessary.”


Q: Are there any face-to-face classes here at Mac that you hope to see as a virtual class someday?               

McEnitre: I would like to see BIM and Money Matters become a virtual class someday.


Q: Do you enjoy taking online classes or would you prefer face-to-face classes? 

“I would prefer online class because it’s challenging, felxible and self-paced.” Priyambada Sitoula,  

“I prefer online class because it’s convenient.” “The lessons are summarized and put in the online course which make it easier for us not to go through chapters in the textbook and the syllabus is provided at the beginning of the course and we can go ahead and finish the course earlier.”Valeri Chumba, senior 

“I prefer online online class because it’s organized and helps you get the college feeling.”  Jazslyn Strickland, junior 





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