Black History Month Celebration

Black History Month Celebration

Carter G. Woodson

Carter G.  Woodson, also known as the “Father of Black History,” was born on Dec. 19th, 1875. He was a journalist and the founder of the study of negro life and history. He was one of the first to study African American history. His work sparked the ideas of later generations and led to further discoveries in the African American culture.

Huey P. Newton

Huey P.Newton was one of the founders of the Black Panther Party(April 25th, 1967) . The Black Panther party was a Militant group (For minorities) that fought against Government Oppresion.They started many programs for homeless, poor, lower class citizens.

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Madam C.J  Walker

Madam C.J walker was an African American Entrepreneur  who invented Black Hair care products for natural hair. She started her Experimenting for hair products when she began to experience  hair loss She tried many homemade remedies and eventually turned out successful. She became one of the richest African American Women In the world. She Opened up Beauty schools and taught many African American girls how to Keep healthy lasting hair.