Pre-Game rituals

Pre-Game rituals

MacArthur High School student McKenzie J. Piper , Sports Editor

Sports play a big role in MacArthur Texas. Hands down, we are home to some of the hardest working athletes in the city. How do our athletes perform so well? Here are some pregame rituals shared by a few of our most prized players.

Carius Key (Sophomore/Basketball)

“I listen to music, eat candy and oranges. I also pray.”

Carius’s playlist

  • Pop off by Offset
  • Fresh by Lil Uzi Vert

Jesus De Los Santos (Sophomore/ Football)

“I have to listen to something calm, so I listen to country music before I play and eat a granola bar.”



Trenton Duffer (Sophomore / Baseball)

“Before the game, I visualize everything that I’m going to do. I listen to

old-school hip hop rap and eat a granola bar.”




Martez Cash (Senior/Basketball)

“I listen to music, eat skittles or starburst and stretch.”

Martez’s playlist

  • 21 Savage
  • Kodak Black

Michael Riney ( Senior/Wrestling)

“I throw in some headphones. I get my body warmed up so that I can kick some

you know what.”

Michael’s playlist

  • You Wanna Battle? By Bullet for My Valentine

Carson Miller (Sophomore/Golf)

“I listen to anything but country. I hate country music”

Carson’s playlist

  • Anything but country music


Adrianna Colunga (Senior/Soccer)

“I try to get mentally focused.”

Adrianna’s Playlist

  • Chief Keif by Understand Me


Tristan Starks (Basketball/Sophomore)

“I eat lots of candy, like sour patch and starburst.”

Tristan’s Playlist

  • Rise and Shine  by  J.Cole









Autiyana Sillers (Junior/Cheer)

“Before the game, I eat subway and then we stretch and go over our cheers.”

Autiyana’s Playlist

  • Biggest Fan by Chris Brown
  • Good Life by Kanye West
  • Love on the Brain by Rihanna


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