Fashion Tips to Brave the Crazy Weather


MacArthur High School student McKenzie J. Piper, Staff Writer

Here in Dallas it an be cold one minute, rainy a few minutes later and blazing hot by the end of the day. How do we know where to begin or what to wear with all of these crazy changes in the weather? Here are some hacks and ideas that will help you dress for this “sprinter” season.

Layering is a smart option!

Cardigans are great to have in your wardrobe. They are stylish and come in handy when you need to keep warm in the morning and you can take them off on warm afternoons.







Stylish tees go great underneath cardigans; vintage or dressy styles. You name it!


A scarf brings a nice touch to tie any outfit together!

Colorful scarves go great with long and short-sleeved shirts. You can take them on and off , or position them in a variety of ways to fit your style.