New Year’s Resolutions


MacArthur High School student Brenda Villegas



People all over the world make New Year’s resolutions at the start of a new year. It typically relates to things people want to change about themselves such as an unwanted trait or a behavior. A resolution could also be to travel more or to learn a new language. 

The popular tradition of planning New Year’s resolutions started with the Babylonians who made promises to earn favor from their gods so that they could start the new year off on track.

However, not everyone’s resolution is detailed and well thought out. Some are just as simple as giving up a favorite food or trying to cut down on things like social media or television.

Senior Ana Hardin plans to eat less chips. “ I eat so many Hot Cheetos a day it’s crazy. I really want to cut down on them.”

 A common resolution at the start of a new year is to eat better and exercise. Senior Sydnei Hurtado plans to try again at meeting her fitness goals this year. “I work out more and eat better. I’ve tried to stick to my work out plans but it never works out.”

Improving health and fitness is a resolution that many people fall short at every year. Senior, Jessica Sorto plans to make an effort to eat better. ” I’ve been trying to eat healthy, but it’s hard when you see everyone else eating burgers and pizza.” Sorto said. “This year I hope I can stick to my plan”. 

Making better grades and improving work habits are also pouplar goals people plan at the start of the year. Junior, Brian Villegas plans to improve in school by studying more. “I haven’t been focused on school and I think it’s time to start.”

Starting off the year with plans to improve one’s self fosters a positive attitude and encourages a better outlook on life. Planning a resolution is a great way to stay motivated and excited for the new year.  


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