Taste of Asia


Right in the middle of a strip mall.

MacArthur High School student Jerri Moyes

    Oriental restaurants have always been a grey area. A dozen variables can make or break a review. It always depends on the eye of the beholder (or customer).

     Located at  Vista Ridge Plaza, 420 E Round Grove Rd in Lewisville, TX, Taste of Asia was overall what you’d expect out of an Asian restaurant.

    When you walk in, the decor reminds you of every other Asian restaurant you’ve been in. Very basic, random, and vague Asian decorations decorate the walls. Upon entering, there’s also a small rock fountain at your feet. The room itself is large and open, the large windows make it more so. The kitchen/staff area is also very open and though it wasn’t loud, it was noticeable.

    In general the staff was nice. The problem was that the server sounded bored and very monotone. Even though we were among one of the four tables occupied, our server didn’t come around aside from taking our orders and delivering our food.

    The food was one of the few things that saved this visit. The prices were decent, lunch was about $10. Not bad for oriental food. The selection was very extensive. Everywhere from individual sushi dishes to overall lunch and dinner boxes including multiple samples of different food. The presentation was beautiful, similar to what you would see in an advertisement.

    The bento box is definitely a smart choice for a first visit. The options are limited but still varied enough to be interesting. The meal already comes with rice, a small salad a bowl of tempura sauce, miso soup and a small amount of wasabi and pickled ginger. From the box, the teriyaki chicken was nice, the california rolls were; although made with substitute crab, better than other places. Overall it was worth the price.

    One thing to be sure to order is the miso soup. A traditional dish that is honestly more interesting to watch rather than eat due to the denser liquids that cluster into clouds and can be disturbed to make interesting designs. Though that part was interesting, it was still a good taste. I couldn’t tell what the greens were but there were small cubes of tofu settled in the bottom and mushrooms floating on top.

    The last notable dish was the hot and sour soup. A cautious favorite due to the ‘sour’ part but still something for those who like thinking (or eating) outside the box. Just be cautious on the first bite, it is a very different taste.

    Although it was not an entirely negative experience, Taste of Asia would not be my first pick. If you don’t care much about the atmosphere and service, the food was delicious and plenty.  Enough to take home for a second meal.

    For what it was, six out of ten overall.


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