St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin


Beautiful painting outside.

MacArthur High School student Jerri Moyes



If you are ever looking for a new and abnormal place to eat, go Deep Ellum. You will never find a larger or better assortment of dining in Dallas. Even the drive over there is amazing. Public art, interesting people and captivating and odd stores try to capture your attention and distract you from your destination. If you manage to get there without being too side-tracked, Deep Ellum will become your prime answer to “Where do you want to eat?”

A favorite will always be St. Pete’s Dancing Marlin. A great restaurant with an odd name, located at 2730 Commerce St in the heart of Deep Ellum.

When you first walk in, you need to understand that Deep Ellum is its own community and in this community, visible tattoos, brightly colored hair, and piercings are okay even in workplaces. Despite this or even because of it, the servers are very friendly and attentive creating a very welcoming environment.

Speaking of the atmosphere, the decor is something that you’d need to take a double take at. St. Pete’s lives up to its name with a bold nautical theme. Though it might seem oppressive to some, in all honesty, it takes away most of the awkward open space that most restaurants have and gives you something to look at while you wait. One thing to note is it is dark in there especially at night but this only adds to the pleasant feel.

Above all the best part is the food.  St. Pete’s offers multiple types of entrees, anything from chicken fried steak, to pasta, to pizza, to burgers. With average meals from 9 to 15 dollar meal. Depending on your budget a visit might be a very sparse and special treat. Overall an extensive selection with exquisite taste.

Some dishes come with a side salad and honestly, I would not recommend the Caesar Salad. The very minimalist taste of the dressing would have tricked me into thinking there was nothing on there if not for the texture. I resorted to enjoying the to-die-for croutons and just waited for my entree to come out.

Though the salad not not up to par, the Quattro Formaggi (four cheese) pasta made up for it. The first thing that caught my attention was how big the bowl was. It was enough for three meals. The pasta itself was as the name entails, very cheesy and very good. Though I had to add a hearty amount of salt to bring out the actual flavor, it was still nice not to have to bite into overly pre-salted dish.

Another entree to comment on is the burgers. Again, another dish I would not recommend trying to finish alone because of its size. Cooked to order and topped with a generous amount of additions, the burgers come in a variety of styles. The fries that came as an optional side opened up a guilty pleasure of mine. Dipping french fries in ranch dressing that at St. Pete’s is homemade. Good for your taste buds, not for your waistline.

For all the oddities and eccentricness, St. Pete’s is a prime representation of what Deep Ellum has to offer. As long as you are willing to brave Dallas parking, it’s a great destination for a outstanding beginning or a matchless ending to the perfect night in Dallas.

Nine out of ten.

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