Fine Arts, Athletics Receive New Facilities


MacArthur High School student Zach Cheyney

Over the course of the past year, construction has been underway to renovate the facilities available to the Macarthur Fine Arts groups. The new facilities feature 13,00 new square feet of space and 35,000 square feet of renovated space. The official ribbon cutting for the new Fine Arts space was on December 9th.

“The new areas are just awesome,” Senior Eric Trujillo said. “I love the band hall. It’s way better than our old one. The spaces are bigger, and we have dedicated practice spaces. It was an big improvement.”

The improvements were not just limited to fine arts. The athletics programs also received improvements to their facilities.

“Enhancement of the facilities is about bringing new levels of safety and functionality,” Athletics Director Clint Roddy said. “Now that the renovation is done, we are ready to continue to instill values of athletic and physical education.”

According to Board of Trustees president Steven Jones, the change came about after he was invited to tour the band facilities of Irving High School. While the facilities were sufficient, they would not be able to handle any expansion.

“I have to thank Dr. Parra for having the foresight to complete this, and Mr. Masynski to do this without bonds or taxes,” Steven Jones said. “We all want to see our students taught by the best possible faculty in the best possible facilities. We did this project completely through reserve funds and TIF funds.”

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