Anything Boys Can Do Girls Can Do Better


MacArthur High School student McKenzie J. Piper, Sports Editor

Girls have been looked over for centuries in everyday life. But it turns out, girls can do just about anything boys can do; fly to the moon, drive race cars and even play football. Freshman, Kaiyah Scott makes this common myth a reality. Standing at a towering 5’5, the pint-sized wide receiver and corner is breaking barriers for girls in the future.

“I just really liked it. I played it before and it’s just something that I enjoyed.” Scott said when asked about how she began her love for football.

One of Scott’s biggest supporters was her mother, “She told me that if that’s what I wanted to do she’d back me up.”

This is Scott’s first year back into the game and her transition has been smooth. “I just went in and talked to Coach Mullens,” Scott said “He asked if this was really something I wanted to do. I told him I was ready.”

Scott speaks with nothing but pride and hopefulness despite her team’s 2-8 record. “Somebody I really look up to is [Kobe Webster] he supports me and treats me like a sister.”

“Do I support Kaiyah? Yes. Why? Because she’s a girl, she’s going out playing a man’s sport with other boys, she’s trying to compete for that next level spot. I have a lot of respect for her.” said Receiver Kobe Webster.

According to defensive end Blake Burris,“I support her decisions to play football I think it’s good that she’s pursuing what she wants to do rather than classifying herself as what society wants to label her.”

Scott’s size can be deceiving but her team mates agree she  should not be underestimated . “Kaiyah Scott is one of those athletes that when you look at her you’re surprised by her toughness,” …., McGowan I thought that she was very tough and she takes direction well and I thought she was a pretty good player.”

Scott will forever be remembered in the history of MacArthur football. It’s not about the size of the girl, it’s about the size of the fight in the girl.