Homecoming Mums

Homecoming Mums

MacArthur High School student Tiblets Berhe

     The end of October marks homecoming season, and it is not homecoming in MacArthur, TX without mums.These huge, colorful and sometimes loud corsages are a longstanding tradition in Texas.                  

     The first chrysanthemums,the traditional mum flower, were grown about three and a half millennia ago in the Far East.The NCAA recognizes the University of Missouri as the place of birth of homecoming mums.

     In 1911, Mizzou athletic director Chester Brewer encouraged alumni to attend the game, and he gave them incentive to attend by having a huge celebration around the game that included parades and rallies.

     Not long after the first homecoming celebration in Missouri, the tradition of a boy giving mums to his homecoming date as a corsage was born in Texas. Most Texans received their mums through homecoming when they buy their girlfriends or mothers homecoming mums. Mums were simple; comprised of just a small flower with a few ribbons.

     Today, it’s more than just flower and ribbons. Some people put their favorite actors or a teddy bears. For the longest time mums were only Texas tradition, but in the last few years it has expanded other states such as Oklahoma and Louisiana.

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