Spin! Neapolitan Pizza

Cinque Formaggi and Salsicca Con Mela Pizzas

MacArthur High School student Jerri Moyes


    Las Colinas has always been a prime hub for great food at great prices. This is a fact that I will stand by from here to, well, Las Colinas. Food is everywhere, anything you could imagine, Mediterranean, Greek, Indonesian, all of this available within driving distance.

    So, why go for pizza?

     With quality food, attentive servers and decent atmosphere, Spin! Neapolitan Pizza definitely threw me for a whirl. Located at 1030 W. John Carpenter Freeway, Spin! it is a restaurant and an experience not easily forgotten.

    When you first walk in, your impression is something like a fast food restaurant where you look at a large wall menu and order at the front. This is where it changes to a dining experience. You are given your order number and you sit down to have your food and drinks brought to you by a waiter. Later, you have to option to stay seated or stand up and order Gelato (an extremely sweet ice cream-type dish) for dessert. The pace is unhurried and could even be described as languid.

    The food was something to a different taste.

    For what we ordered, salads came first. Mine, a simple Caesar salad, was honestly, not notable. This does not mean it was bad, it was just lacking in an eyeopening or memorable taste. The Sonoma Salad, however, was a beautifully presented dish with bitter vinaigrette dressing, and sweet chopped pecans, grapes, raisins, apples and much more, perfectly offsetting the two flavors.

    The Cinque Formaggi, which is a type of white pizza with only cheese, tasted more like really good cheesy bread more than a pizza. The texture wasn’t notable and neither was the presentation. It seemed like just a pizza. Another type of white pizza, Salsiccia Con Mela, was even stranger, with apples, sausage and pecan crumbles. Overall, an uncommon taste but not an unwelcome one with a very savory vibe, but sweet undertones.  The presentation was much more favorable this time.

    Gelato is a must during your visit. Very sweet, not something you’d want a lot of, but still worth the $2.50. There were a variety of flavors such as Pumpkin Cheesecake, Tahitian Vanilla, and French Strawberry available that cycle though.

    The service was phenomenal. When we walked in, it must have been obvious we had no clue what we were ordering because the cashier was around the counter and asking us if we needed help within seconds. Shortly after ordering and sitting down, we were asked multiple times by multiple waiters if we needed anything. Spin! Is sufficiently staffed, to say the least.

    The only major downside to this restaurant was the atmosphere. For 6:30 on Friday night in Las Colinas, it was not all that busy, but the noise level made it seem like it was. With no sound muting decorations and a open kitchen, it was a little too loud for my taste. Also, the waiters and waitresses constantly brushing by my chair made me feel like I was in the way even though I was up against the table.

For a drink, a salad, a small pizza, and gelato, the price came out to be a reasonable $13.50, good for a family night out. Not great if you’re on a budget.

    Without a doubt Spin! deserves a return visit. Nine out of ten.

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