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“I would describe soccer as fun, exciting, and as a huge responsibility.”

      Playing on the MacArthur field this Tuesday, January 12th, the Mac JV soccer girls prepared and conditioned to defeat and bring home a win against Sunset High school. 


         Sophomore, Aubrey Brown is on the Mac soccer team and on a club soccer team outside of school. Brown’s position is midfielder on the school team and goalie on the club team. 


         “Being on the school team is fun to get out with girls, we have a good relationship as a team and we all bond very well,” Brown claimed.


         However, communication on the field and out the field are two different things when playing a sport. 


         “I think as a team, we actually need to have better communication so we can play better. On the field we tend to not call out the ball and that messes up our play,” Brown explained.


       Junior, Amy Aleman has been playing soccer for only a year and picked it up as a hobby.


       “Since it is my first time playing, it is challenging for me to be able to kick a ball as far from the goal,” Aleman conveyed. 


       However, with more practice, she has gotten better and says she is ready for the game.


      “I get along with all my teammates but we do need to work on talking to each other on the field,” Aleman said.


         JV soccer girls defeated Sunset High School with a score of 4-1. “I want to continue playing for my senior year, so I have to try even harder,”Aleman declared.


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