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Lost but Encouraged

“I lost but I was more than excited then ever to keep playing.”

     Struggling to crush Dallas Jesuit High School in their tennis match on Friday, Mac JV tennis player Nicholas Alberto Cancino lost against the Rangers with an individual final score of 3-6.


      Olivia Alverez-Urrutia, senior, has been playing tennis for a year now and she enjoys it more than anything.


      “I started playing as a junior and now I’m a senior, and I would like to play in the future but currently I am undecided,” Alvarez-Urrutia explains. “I enjoy playing matches with my teammates the most, and I get along really well with my teammates. We are all good friends.” 


   Playing a game for the first can be nerve racking but with great passion and a supporting team it can be easy to achieve.


      “For my first game, I was nervous but I got over it quickly. I was really excited to play my first game and everyone was so helpful,” Alverez-Urrutia claimed.


      Nicholas Alberto Cancino, sophomore, also on the JV tennis team started playing this year for some entertainment during this pandemic. 


        “I was nervous for my first game and obviously I lost but I was more than excited then ever,” Cancino said. “If I ever get the opportunity to play tennis outside of high school in college, I will definitely take that offer.”  


   Cancino is opened to trying new things and playing multiple sports. He has played soccer, football, swimming, and tennis.


     “This year, because of covid it has been very different from previous years. I started playing two weeks ago when I decided I wanted to play a new sport and ended up liking tennis a lot,” Cancino conveyed.


      Even though Cancino is a strong tennis player, he says he still has to work on the consistency of his power serves and forehand.


      “My favorite thing about tennis is when you get the perfect hit and see the tennis ball fly right by,” Cancino conveyed. “My least favorite thing is when you have a clean shot but try smashing the ball and either it’s the net or completely out of bounds.”


    Tennis is all about teamwork especially if you play doubles, so team bonding is very necessary. 


       “I admire all my teammates who put in the work but what inspires me the most is being able to compete with them,” Cancino claimed.



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