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The race is on!

Cross Country is the sport of running, riding, or skiing across open countryside rather than along roads or around a running track.

          The MacArthur Cross country team ran at 6am on October 9th against other schools for their last cross country meet for the 2020-2021 school year.


         Junior Laura Marquez started running in cross country last year and has been really into it ever since.

Junior Laura Marquez competed at an October Cross Country meet. (MacArthur High School student Maireny Q. )


     “I ran track my freshman year and the old long distance coach, Coach Lewis, really motivated me to join cross country. I am also planning on running cross country and track in college. Two of my past teammates currently running for college in Oklahoma so that’s a possible option but I’m not exactly sure which college as of now.” stated Marquez.


          Student Athletes have to balance school, sports, and sometimes even work. From practices before school, then work after school can cause huge stress for students.


          “At times it can be hard to balance but it really helps having a planner, making a schedule, and just staying consistent. I try to stay as organized as I can,” claimed Marquez.


         Junior Logan Nasky also on the MacArthur cross country team has been doing cross country the summer before his 8th grade year, and joined cross country because he had a great track season the year before. 


        “I will continue to run in the future heading into college and hopefully going professional in cross country or track. I balance cross country and school by making sure I get my homework done early so I can get enough sleep for early practices. It does sometimes stress me out when I try to get lots of homework done so I can get enough sleep,” conveyed Nasky. 


        Cross Country runners work hard just like every other athlete regarding the fact cross country doesn’t get as much recognition as other sports.



  “My favorite part about running is whenever I’m running with someone and we can just talk as we run,” explained Nasky.


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