JV Lady Cardinals Win, Again

MacArthur High School student Mi Kemberia N., Writer

Knocking out the Hornets of Azel High School, the Lady Cardinals JV soccer team came home with a win of 4 to 0 in the Joshua Tournament on January 14, 2021. 

The Lady Cardinals had a tremendous win over the Azel Hornets. Even though a few players had some minor injuries, they are coming back stronger than ever with their defensive skills and support for each other.

“Even though I had an injury during this game,” junior Delaney DallaTorre said. “Supporting my teammates and showing off my defensive skills made it easier for us to move along.”

The group had help along the way to help them succeed and improve throughout this game. They couldn’t have done it without communicating with one another.

 “The team was doing great, but we improved a lot by communicating with one another about passes and other skills to help us win,” junior Julissa Martinez said. 

Keeping up with stamina and speed isn’t easy when participating in this sport, but with motivation from each other; the team can do it without a doubt.

“Running and keeping up with your breath isn’t easy for some of our players,” senior Emily Villarreal said.” However, we are there to push them and motivate them through it.”

Hoping to succeed once again, the girls are working and playing hard to their full potential. 

“By working hard and playing hard, we will definitely achieve a goal for the soccer program this season,” Delaney said.

Teamwork makes a dream work, and all teammates must feel intertwined with each other as well as the game.

“It’s important for our new teammates to feel welcome and to have a great season,” Villarreal said.

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