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One team, one dream

Working in a team kills two birds with one stone; divides the job and multiplies the achievement.

      Practicing hard for the game with Jesuit on Tuesday, February 2nd, the JV2 soccer boys lost 0-1 on the Mac soil but losing isn’t always the end, sometimes it becomes the beginning.


     Freshman, Ernesto Castillo, has been playing soccer for seven years. His position is center attack and mid, which sets the tone of the game. 


     “I think my team’s communication is really good, like in the locker room it’s more like a family bond,” Castillo explained, “We definitely train harder and have more focus on the field, but it’s really fun to play with them.” 


     Even though this is Castillo’s first year on the Mac soccer team, he has already made great friendships and has shown progression in the sport as well. 


     “I am glad I met new people and made new friends,” clarified Castillo. Castillo has bonded with the team well and made new friends such as Javier Herrera. 


     Freshman, Javier Herrera has been playing soccer for about seven years as well and his position is center defensive midfielder. His position contributes to the game by helping out the defenders and by distributing the ball to attack and midfielders. 


    “I think I need to be more deliberate with my teammates,” said Herrera, “Sometimes in the field, I get angry, and I start yelling at them, but I have to be more understanding with them.” 


     Herrera has learned to appreciate his team members and acknowledge his own mistakes in the game as well.


    “On the team, I look up to Luis and Ever, both of them are very good athletes and both of them motivate the team to play,” conveyed Herrera. 


    Herrera also explained he looks up to his uncle when it comes to soccer because his uncle is the one who introduced him to this game.


    “Since my uncle’s death recently, it has become more motivating. I want to make his dream my dream,” claimed Herrera. 


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