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The Beautiful Game

Soccer is called the beautiful game because it gives you a feeling of passion and joy.

Striving to bring home a win this Friday, January 29th at Nimitz High School, Mac Varsity boys soccer ties with the Nimitz Vikings after a long tough game.


    Senior Soriano has been playing soccer since he was six years old, his position is left-back which mostly covers the left side, and tries to send balls to the forwards and the sides.

MacArthur High School student Maireny Q.

   “Being in varsity is a much faster pace, more competitive, and requires better communication within the team. We always pray before games” Soriano said.


 Even with good team bonding, there is still much to work on as a team and as an individual.


     “As an individual, I still have a lot to work on as well,” Soriano explained. “Like, checking back before I get a ball, and always communicating on the field. I’m not sure if I wanna play soccer in the future after high school.”

Soriano looks up to Pedro Demeza for inspiration on the team.


    “Pedro might be a little short, but he is one tough player. I like watching him play, he’s definitely one of the leaders of the team.” Soriano said.

     Senior Pedro Demeza’s position on the team is a sweeper. The sweeper contributes to the game by defending and clearing out the ball. 

     “Before games, we organize our tactics as a team, we warm up and we pray. As a team, we need to work on our trust with each other, and our physical strength,” Demeza conveyed. 

Covid-19 has deeply impacted this year’s soccer season negatively.

    “We couldn’t practice sooner…” clarified Demeza. “It has also reduced our contact as a team,” 


Pedro Demeza has been playing soccer since he was four years old.


  “The five words I choose to describe soccer are: Joyful, extreme, tough, beautiful, and fun,” Demeza said. 



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