The faces behind the helmets

MacArthur High School student Jeena P., Writer

   Strengthening and conditioning for their next football game this friday at Lewisville, Varsity football is more than ready to show them what they got.

  Sophomore, Quinton Evans had to say about this topic. 

“My dad introduced me into football, and I just wanted to play it so I joined, and I seem to like it a lot,” said Evans. “I like the physicality and how fast it moves,” explains Quintons Evans, “I don’t have any dislikes about it.” 

   “I’m not nervous for this game because I have to have a positive mindset, and hope for the best,” said Evans.

   Football players practice also deal with school and football, which sometimes can be hard to manage. “I just focus and do my work,” Evans stated. 

    Gerale Flye also has a similar answer, “You just can’t get distracted, it can be stressful sometimes but football makes me work even harder,” Flye explained. Flye is a senior on the Varsity football team, and his position is safety which is a quarterback on defense.

   Gerale Flye has been playing for a few years and his position has a lot to contribute to the game, they guard receivers and much more.

   Gerale Flye and Quinton Evans both are dedicated and determined for this football season, they also talk about how the bond in the team is very strong. They both are great examples of student-athletes at MacArthur High School.

   “My cousin played football, and I was also playing football, so I got into real team to see if I like it. I really enjoyed it.” Evans explained.





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