Running for an achievement

Cross country, a sport full of effort, resilience, and joy.

MacArthur High School student Jeena P., Writer

MacArthur High School has many different sports and activities, such as cross country. Cross country is a running sport over dirt or grass, it can be done individually or in a team, and it is long distance.

Some MacArthur High cross country runners discuss their thoughts and experiences on the cross country team before their second meet.

Emily Ramirez, a freshman, has said “I enjoy being on team and I enjoy running as well.”

Emily runs around three miles in meets and runs around four miles in practice.

“I was nervous on my first meet, but since this will be my second meet I am not nervous anymore,” Ramirez said.

Emily tries her best in every meet. Cross country takes a great amount of effort, from waking up early for meets to afternoon practices.

The senior, Savannah Gutierrez has done cross country since the seventh grade.

“It was fun course to run there hay bales that we had to jump over, and run through.” Cross country runners warm up by stretching before they run.

Savannah places and also got medals.

“The race was set at a beautiful place overall because it was a two loops next to a lake,” Gutierrez said.

Both people we interviewed had great comments to say about cross country.

Cross country is impacting individual lives. Gutierrez stated how much people under-appreciate the strenuous work they put in the sport.

“I love running, being in cross country and all people in it” Senior said.


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