First Game Woes

Players reflect on the game and the emotion surrounding it.

MacArthur High School student Quinton White, Writer

Practicing extensively and working on ways to get better at their craft the JV tennis players faced Coppell this Thursday.

Donald Lubbeck had this to say about preparation.

“Just listening to some calming music and just telling myself I can do it and just being positive and enjoying the moment as it arrives,” Lubbeck said.

Lubbeck played tennis almost his whole life and has always had a passion for the game at hand.

“I would say tennis is mostly mental because psyching yourself out is real and it does happen and it does get really frustrating and the anger can cloud your judgment and it really messes you up,” Lubbeck stated.

Bishop always enjoyed watching tennis and looked up to some of Wimbledon’s greats.

“I look up to Roger Federer and I try to keep his mindset and I look up to him mainly because he is a great leader and someone who is great at the sport,” Lubbeck said.

Sydnie Turner who is also a Junior Varsity player had this to say about what goes into preparing for a tennis match.

“Just making sure I practice and making sure the things I need to improve on like my backhands which aren’t that good right now and im getting a little bit better,” Turner stated.

Turner who has support from her parents which she attributes to her love for the game.

“My mom helps me to prepare by telling me to meditate and I suck at it but I usually just calm down, listen to music and try to think happy thoughts,”

“I literally shake off the nerves it helps,” Turner said.

Turner has a good environment around her with her teammates as well.

“Being in tennis your just trying to encourage everyone because it’s not like football,”

“it’s a different atmosphere everyone has positive vibes if you win or you lose it’s not the end of the world,” Turner stated.


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