Dive for the Ball

JV Volleyball girls strengthen and condition for their next game.

MacArthur High School student Jeena P., Writer

 Serving a volleyball to saving a spike, JV volleyball girls practice for their game this Friday. Anna Gonzalez and Morgan Massie are two girl in the JV volleyball team and had this to say about it.


      “I am excited for our next game, which is this Friday,” she says. Playing since seventh grade, Anna Gonzalez is a left back.

      Anna also talked about how being in a team has helped her in making a large amount of friends in high school. 

   “We all get along well, sometimes there’s tiny conflicts but overall we get along good. We have team bonding and we went to eat at Whataburger after a game,” Gonzalez stated.

     Volleyball players also have to be outstanding at managing time, they have school and volleyball.  “You just have to stay on task and not get distracted,” Gonzalez said.

    Playing since eighth grade,  Morgan Massie is a right side-hitter.

“I joined just for fun but ended up enjoying it,” said Massie.

        “I am excited and nervous at the same time, for this game. I am ready to show them what we got,” explains Morgan. 

Volleyball players don’t have a certain diet they have to follow, “We just try to eat healthy and drink water to stay hydrated,” explains Morgan.  

Anna and Morgan are great examples of a student-athlete at MacArthur High School.

    “I am glad I joined volleyball because I love the sport and the people in it,” Massie stated.


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