Giddy up for Gonzo

Senior reflects on Gonzo and theater as a whole.

MacArthur High School student Quinton White , Writer

Working with others and having an experience outside of their comfort zone the theater kids are ready for their newest play Gonzo which is underway and set to be performed on September 19th.

Max Rios a long time theater member and the many directors for the play had this to say about the upcoming play.

“Gonzo has let the students spread their creativity and be able to create a story that has let students create whatever their imagination comes to.” Rios said.

Gonzo is under production for over 2 months now and the directors are ecstatic about what the cast members have in store.

Rios has advice for the new students and hopes nothing but the best from them.

“I would tell the new students to keep their heads up because there are going to be rough patches”

“Don’t let that one little thing stop you from being extroverted and having fun in theater.” Rios said.

The senior has an abundance of inspiration but one person giving him the most inspiration is Theater director Orlando Flores.

“Mr. Flores inspires me the most he gives me a bunch of passion and I can see it in his eyes that he wants to succeed and he wants us to flourish and he is a big inspiration in me wanting to take theater,” Rios stated

Rios thinks of theater as more than just another elective and inspires others to take it as well.

“Theater has been an important part of my life it’s been a way for me to express my feelings and just put everything out there”

“Just not being afraid of what to say and what to do because theater has given me much needed confidence” Rios said.





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