A Tennis Family

Tennis players explain what’s it like being on the team and playin tennis in general.

MacArthur High School student Jeena P., Writer

     Strengthening and conditioning for another challenging match, Jv tennis puts in work to become better individually and as a team against their next opponent, this Thursday. 

     Here’s what sophomore, Evelyn Cantarero has to say about being on the Tennis team.

    “I became a tennis player because I liked watching tennis and I wanted to try something new,” Cantarero explained. “I am the type of person that wants to explore a little more.”

     Evelyn also claims she loves her tennis team, “I love away games, because of the bus rides and interacting with the team. We always have a large amount of fun, and we all get along good,” said Cantarero. 

     Even though they don’t do team bonding at practice because Evelyn states practice is valuable but they bond after practice where they get to know each other better.

      Rama Alibasha also on the Tennis team as been playing since seventh grade and hopes to do it in the future. “I play it during school and outside of school too. At first, I just wanted to try it out but I enjoy it a lot,” said Alibasha.


     “I like the way tennis works, and the way it’s played,” said Alibasha. “I don’t have any dislikes about it, it’s just a fun sport.” 

     “To prepare we stretch before a game, and practice with our partner,” said Rama Alibasha. 

     “I am glad I got into tennis because I met great people and made amazing memories, I hope to continue it,” explains Evelyn Cantarero.









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