Get Ready for Gonzo

Students reflect on the play and acting


MacArthur High School student Quinton White, Writer

Getting ready for the play and practicing weeks on end Senior Max Rios and Julie Abueda directors of the play hope for a great show and a good performance all around.

“People think that acting is easy because you are just pretending to be someone,” Rios said. 

Acting is an important part of his life and what helped him with preparing for Gonzo.

“Acting has helped me realize that I can be something else while still holding on to my values it just means a lot to me,” Rios stated.

“I’m looking forward to the new students and the people who are auditioning for the first time, that they’re getting a chance to work in theater,” Rios stated.

Gonzo was a student-run production with the director, Mr. Flores, letting the imagination “run free”.

“This is my first time directing something so it’s nerve-wracking but its also really fun to see what can be accomplished,” Abueda stated.

The play is a important play to Abueda and others in the program.

“I want to see people who have passion and enthusiasm we will supply the rest just bring in what you got,” Abueda exclaimed.

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