Beautiful Vocals, Different Style

MacArthur High School student Quinton White, Writer

Practicing vocally and instrumentally Milan Jordan a Junior who is on M5 and is an active member in the program and encourages others to join as well.

“M5 is about sportsmanship and consistency,” Jordan said.

M5 is a program that “performs current hits in different musical styles” according to the MacArthur website.

“We work as a team in M5. And we are also a family. And every day you have to practice to get better at whatever you are singing or playing” Jordan stated.

Jordan sees M5 as very different from other musical programs because it allows you to be different and allows her to tone her musical talent.

“M5 is important because it teaches you things that you never knew about music and it really pushes you to step outside of your comfort zone,” Jordan said. “And if a person like me who wants to be a musician, then it really gets deep into the things you need to know. And how to progress as a musician”

To Jordan, M5 holds a special place in her heart and has a lot of fun experiences throughout her time in the club.

“When I was in eighth grade we took the high school trip. And M5 was performing and they were amazing and when they had their spring concert. Me and my mom went. My mom told me ‘Milan I want you to be in there.’ And I’m glad I listened because it’s amazing” Jordan stated.

M5 is an escape to Jordan and allows her to feel free and to do whatever she wants musically.

“In general, just being able to sing freely, especially when we do our concerts.  It’s amazing. The band is really unified and it’s just a great feeling to hear all of it mesh together” Jordan said.

Jordan has made many friends from being in M5 and has had some of her favorite memories in M5.

“We are all unified and it makes for a great atmosphere and some of the people in the program are hilarious and it makes my day” Jordan stated.

M5 has done more for Jordan than just be another extracurricular activity.

“M5 has enhanced my social skills with people. And allowed me to step out of my comfort zone.  We really feel unified as a whole and it’s just a great feeling” Jordan said.

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