Cardinals Got Talent

Talent show participants reflect on their experience.

MacArthur High School student Quinton White, Writer

Practicing their talents and being all around awesome Omar Mohammed and Abbi Hillman tried out for the talent show recently and advanced to the finals with their very unique talents.

Omar Mohammed does card tricks and magic and got inspiration from a friend when he was young for magic.

“I like doing card tricks when I was young and I had a friend that used to motivate me to do them” Mohammed said.

Mohammed is inspired by a magician that he models his magic after.

“I model my magic after Chris Angel because he is so popular and he does so many great things that I incorporate into my magic” Mohammed stated.

Mohammed was recommended to do the talent show by one of his friends and he saw it on KMAC.

“I saw all these things and I said you know what why not and took a chance and got out of my comfort zone” Mohammed said.

Mohammed got experience by practicing at home and going to shows and viewing magicians with his friends.

“I practice a lot and that comes with knowing a lot but their is always room for improvement and I know that” Mohammed stated.

Mohammed’s love for magic came from when he was younger viewing shows on TV.

“The love I have for magic came from when I was little watching America’s Got Talent and enjoyed what they were doing” Mohammed said.

Abbi Hillman is a senior who does piano and sings and has been practicing piano all of her life.

“I’ve been doing piano all my life I was a competive piano when i was younger but since it is my last year I wanted to give piano another go” Hillman said.

Hillman has participated in previous talent shows and does have experience in her belt.

“I have done some church talent shows an I have played the piano and sang and I have done a couple of skits here and their” Hillman stated.

Hillman found that she could play piano and play it when she was younger and enjoyed it.

“I found out I could play piano well when I was in fifth grade after i completed a couple of lessons I really enjoyed it and ended up playing a lot of music from shows that I liked” Hillman said.

Hillman actually is not perfect and had a mess up while performing in the talent show.

“I actually wore nails and I forgot to take them off and I have really small hands and I could barely reach an octave on the piano but I ended up playing better than I thought I would” Hillman stated.

Hillman has an insurmountable love for the piano and loves what it has done for her throughout her life.

“I’ve been playing piano ever since I was little and realized it was something I enjoyed playing and it gives me an escape so I wanted to share why I liked it” Hillman stated.

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