Cardinals Soaring to Victory

Varsity Basketball Rituals.

MacArthur High School student Quinton White, Writer

      Practicing continuous and productive,  the Varsity Basketball team and it’s captain senior Nick Iniguez drives the passion for this team this fall to become a great team all around.

     “I pour water on my hands and drink a ton of water and Gatorade before games to get my body right” Iniguez stated.

     Junior Trae Mathis on the other hand, has a different approach to rituals and likes to unwind before games.

     “I listen to music, maybe watch YouTube videos of other basketball players and see what I can improve on” Mathis stated.

      The players focused and locked in and ready for the game and ready to show throughout the game.

     “I feel confident, excited about being able to play in my last year at Mac” Iniguez stated

     Mathis locked in and ready to play and to eat against Richardson.

     “I feel ready, engaged, locked in ready to eat” Mathis said.

     Iniguez believes that he doesn’t have a set scoring number to score during the game.

     “I want to score as much as possible” Iniguez stated

     He does have  limitations for scoring and depends on his own shooting performance.

     “I think I will score probably about 10..15 points it all depends on if the shots are falling” Mathis stated.

     MacArthur took on Richardson and won with a score of 53-MacArthur 43-Richardson.

During the game Mac was on top near the whole game.

     After the game the players excited and skeptical of the play of the team as a whole.

     Sophomore Marcus Rigsby accounts the teams recent success to all around team play.

     “I feel I played alright I definitely could’ve played better” Rigsby stated.

     “I felt we could’ve improved by being a better team overall and Defense, Defense definitely could’ve been better”.

     MacArthur plays a Rivalry game next against Nimitz on Friday December 14th.