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Perez Pummeling Pins

Sophomore reflects on his time at MacArthur


     After Practicing and watching competitive bowling, Sophomore Adam Perez becomes a  active member on the new bowling team at MacArthur High School this year.

     “Bowling means a lot to me meeting new people and trying a new experience by putting yourself out there” Perez stated.

     Perez has high praise for the captain of the bowling team JROTC Sgt. Simmons who does a great job in keeping the bowling team in check.

     “Some advantages of being in the club is definitely bowling scholarships and getting to travel throughout the US which lets you get to see new things outside of Texas” Perez said.

     Perez an active member of the schools JROTC program has a special bond with everyone in the program.

     “Just being able to be able to do this as an extracurricular activity is great and I love bowling” Perez stated.

     The bowling team offered him experiences that wouldn’t be possible in other programs.

     “The bowling team has helped me personally grow as an individual and as a leader” Perez said.

    The bowling team is a great vehicle for him to get outside of his comfort zone and to undertake new conditions.

     “The team is important for me because it allows me to get out of my comfort zone which is great and being able to thrive in bowling” Perez stated.

The six foot teenager thought of bowling as a activity to do before he joined the program.

     “It was just something to do another extra-curricular activity to try out and to see if I liked it or not” Perez said.

     Bowling helped his High School experience tremendously and encourages others to join as a team working together.

     “It has helped me grow better personally and it has had educational benefits as well that come with being on the team” Perez stated.

     He does watch competitive bowling and learns from the best bowlers he can spot.

     “I watch Jason Belmonte because even when he doesn’t bowl a good game he strives for the best and that is very humbling” Perez said.

     The bowling team has social impacts that better you as a person by having your presence on the team.

     “It takes the want to learn how to bowl and to be a people person” Perez stated.

      In actuality bowling team prepares you for substantial world situations that he will carry with him after High School.

    “Being on the team allows communication with others and it sets your goals and expectations to prepare you for the real world” Perez said.

     As a Hispanic, he is adamant about serving in the police force and around people who currently are serving and respects everyone who is currently and previously served.

     “I want to go to the police academy because i’ve always wanted to serve” Perez stated

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