Blast From The Past


MacArthur High School student Lesly Solorzano


MacArthur High school has a significant amount of history and spirit. Many come and go. There are several stories that past students have about MacArthur, through them all we can capture the change over the years in this school. In fact, alumni have returned to MacArthur to work as staff, for example Coach Sims, a former fire truck crew member, who now works for MacArthur.




Lesly: Tell me about MacArthur when you attended. What is most memorable?

Sims: Students were involved in everything. Pep rallies were awesome because the student body participated. The student section was always packed for football games.


Lesly: What has changed at MacArthur High School since you’ve graduated?

Sims: Very few of the teachers are still here. The 700’s and 800’s hallways are new. That [area] used to be grass and parking. The cafeteria is new. We used to have two smaller ones a north and south. The front offices are totally different and the gym was condemned and the spectator gym is new.



 Lesly: What clubs/organizations were you involved in?

Sims: StuCo, Class officer, Latin Club, FCA, basketball, FTC


Lesly: What made you return to MacArthur?

Sims: I want to give back to the community that invested so much in me.

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