MacArthur High Sports Medincine.


MacArthur High School student McKenzie J. Piper , Sports Editor

Sports Medicine : A field of medicine that relates to the prevention and treatment of injuries and other health problems that affect people who play sports. – Merriam Webster


MacArthur High School has a great sports medicine program led by Matt Remes and Erendira Cruz. I sat down to talk to Eren, one of the trainers, and here’s what she had to say:

McKenzie: How long have you been in sports medicine? How many years of school does it take to become a trainer?

Eren: I graduated in 2015. This is now my third year being a sports medicine trainer  It’s a four year degree, but now  a lot of programs require a  master’s degree. You need 1500 hours of clinical experience. After that you take a test to get a national license. Then you take a test to receive a Texas license.

McKenzie: There are  hundreds of athletes at Mac and only two of you. How do you deal with the business of all the sports and injuries that go on throughout the day?

Eren: Me and Matt have to communicate a lot. We talk about scheduling and where we need to be at certain times.  Matt isn’t lazy, so it works. We’re simple and straightforward.

McKenzie: What are some common injuries you see? Do football players have an injury that  is most common, or just any sport in general?

Eren: Each sport is different. Typically sports like baseball and volleyball have shoulder injuries, but sports like basketball and football more contact sports. We see more acute injuries, chronic injuries.

McKenzie: How does one get into sports medicine program at Mac?

Eren :  You fill out an application at the end of the school year. We find out your grades and what your teachers think of you. Then in the spring, we let you help with spring football just so you can get a feel  for it.