Single Sex Schools: Effective or Not

MacArthur High School student Quinton, Writer

Single sex schools have always been around. In Fact, single-sex schools have been around since the 19th century.

Feel that single-sex schools are good,because it gives an upright background for young men and women everywhere.

It helps young children gain confidence about not getting pressured from a different surround than what coed schools have to offer.

So, what do primary gender schools have to offer?

Single sex schools have a variety of things that go around not as much as a public school has to offer.

But there are still plenty of things to do.

For example, A study was found that the higher the percentage of girls in a co-ed classroom,the better the academic performance not just for girls but for both male and female students.

Additionally, girls that attended all girl schools were significantly more likely to attend a 4 year college compared to girls that attended co-ed schools.

There is some speculation of how parents want their kids to live in more diverse environments opposed to kids going to these single sex schools and only be exposed to toxic levels of femininity and the masculinity in public schools.

There is some daylight with the teachers because the teachers can deploy strategies that they couldn’t use in a co-ed classroom.

A shift from total to partial separation is used to reflect on what a student is comfortable with.

Since single sex programs have been around for a while kids are now getting used to it and any changes it may come with.

There is a lot of advantages that kids can benefit from.

Whether that be academically or athletically and even in extracurricular activities.

People need to realize the advantages of single sex schools rather than attending co-ed schools.

It is our choice as americans to be able to send our children to co-ed or public school, do what is best for their future, because they are the ones that matter the most in the long run.



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