Next Top Mascot

What it Takes to Represent School Spirit


MacArthur High School student Moises Martinez and Damaris Romero

    Along with a new season of football and fall sports comes the selection of a new set of mascots. Auditions for the famous red cardinal duo,Victor and Victoria, were held at the beginning of the school year. However, not everyone has what it takes to be a mascot.

    “I was and will be looking for students who are not afraid of being goofy and who have good grades and behavior because I need someone dependable,” Dean of Students, Mrs.Webster said. “If I’m not there I should be able to send them and know they can uphold MacArthur’s name.”

    Unfortunately, the auditions did not yield many interested students. Therefore, volunteers who met the required qualities were chosen for the positions.

    “I didn’t have a lot of people who wanted to do it,”  Webster said.  “Especially after finding out how hard it was going to be when they got in the costume, they dropped off.”

     From wearing the hot but lightweight suit, the mascot does more than just excite the crowd for games. They bring joy to kids and represent school spirit and enthusiasm.

    “The two young men who are Victor are so excited, they want people to come and play and they just want to have fun,” Webster said. “And the girls are the same way even though it’s their first year of being a mascot they are super excited.”

    Not many are aware of the two positions available when becoming a mascot. There is the mascot costume itself and the Mac-keepers. The Mac-keepers are responsible for following the mascots, making sure they are safe from harm and taking their place when they are exhausted.

    “I have four students, two freshmen and two sophomores; one of the freshmen was the mascot for Travis Middle School,” Webster said. “Two of them will be in the suits and two of them will be out the suits [as Mac keepers] because it gets hot and so each quarter they’ll switch out.”

    One difference about the mascots this year will be their participation in a variety of events. They will be performing in all football games. However, this year they will participate in basketball events and other games.

    “You have to go to every game, with a few basketball games, but if the mascots are wanted then we have to be there,” Victor mascot, James Burrett said.

According to Mrs.Webster, Victor and Victoria will be participating in a variety of events that include both games and outside school events this year. Events can range from on campus to local events such as parades and visiting elementary schools with the cheerleaders.

    “They are invited to the annual Pre-K roundup hosted by Jack E. Singley Academy where they can just cheer up the kids.” Webster said.

   At one point, Victor and Victoria were invited by Channel 8 News for a “Mascot Roundup” along with other high schools in the metroplex.

    “The event had different mascots from all over the DFW high schools and local ones such as the NFL, Mavericks, Cowboys, WNBA during Thanksgiving…” Webster said.

   All in all, Victor and Victoria spread excitement and joy to both students at sport games and to little kids through their participation in a variety of events.

     “My partners [Mac keepers and Victoria] are really good they are experienced so they know what they are doing,” Barrett said. “We never talk while in the suit we just wave, you just have to jump into the suit and have fun.”

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