School Spirit Siblings


Phoebe Cates (L) Bailey Meurer (R)

MacArthur High School student Bailey Tillerson, Junior Editor

Juliana Battaleme (L) Whitney Prater (R)

Unity in MacArthur is crucial to maintaining the school spirit that flows through every Cardinal’s veins. A unique way groups here at Mac create a welcoming family atmosphere is through “siblings.”

Organizations from band to cheerleading participate in these makeshift relationships. Within each group, upperclassmen and underclassmen are paired to form “big and little siblings.”

The tradition allows veterans to take newcomers under their wings and lead them through their first year in the club.

“The goal of creating siblings in cheer is to give a lower classman someone to look up to and go to for anything…” Junior Melody Lollar said.



“Basically [they] create a bond with someone who is a first year member here so they have someone to talk to,” Cardette veteran, Whitney Prater said.  “[the siblings] make us closer as a family”  Prater’s little sister, Juliana Battaleme added.

The Cardettes also give their little sisters anonymous gifts leading up to the rookies discovering the identity of their big sister. Throughout the season, they exchange motivational cards to pump each other up before nerve-racking performances.

 When asked about the goal of having siblings, Senior Drum Major Bailey Meurer explained, “[To] build a bond with your sibling and create experiences [that] help them grow as a person.” 

“Basically [sisters] just make sure they have everything, if they need help with anything or routines… it means another connection,” Colorguard member, Anna Hardesty said. “Guard is a family but it’s like another bond within the family.”

Siblings are able to reach out to one another for anything school-related they need and often grow to trust one another even with personal issues.

Anna’s little, Kaylee Partin, continued by saying having a sibling gives you “someone else outside your family. If something is happening you can talk to them and it’s like another family member or friend.”


Kaylee Partin (L) Anna Hardesty (R)

The bigs and littles do not always have close relationships.  Varsity cheerleader Melody Lollar explains, her sibling may not be her best friend but she will take care of her as long as they are sisters. 

 “She’s like a new best friend,” band member, Bailey Meurer said about her band sister, Phoebe Cates. “She’s very sweet and very caring and I get to hang out with her and get to know her like family…” 

These siblings are especially fond of one another and even planned a sleepover while being interviewed. In fact, many band members commented they assumed the girls were biological sisters because they are so inseparable.

 “My sister Bailey is like a best friend, like and older sister to me,” Cates said. “She’s someone I can depend on and talk to about anything.”

Phoebe Cates (L) Bailey Meurer (R)
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