The Charming Cat Cafe


    What is the last thing you expect to see in the mall? Santa? Bigfoot? Ed Sheeran? A store that only sells vintage stamps? How about a cat adoption center?

    The Charming Cat Corner is much more than an adoption center. Very similar to cat cafes, it is very heavily cat themed and covered in a fine layer of hair. It’s a place where for a small fee, you can stay and be loved on by friendly cats who are just desperate to play or be petted. Located in the Vista Ridge Mall, The Charming Cat Corner is a bit of an oddity but well worth checking out nonetheless.

    The prices, though not the cheapest hour if you’re on a budget, are pretty cheap for being both a donation and admission to the corner. Ten dollars will get you an hour of playtime with the cats and seven fifty will get you half an hour. The price bump may seem to be a bit harsh but all the better to get someone to stay longer. As an added bonus, with your visit, you get a coupon to one of the mall’s many food stops, anywhere from cupcakes to cookies.

    Each cat is obviously unique and as they are adopted they cycle out, so everytime you come it’s a different lineup. Some of the cats are playful, some are more affectionate and some are a bit of both. (Watch out for those claws!) Whatever your preference, you can easily find a cat to suit your fancy. At any given time there are 35 cats at the corner.

    One of the more interesting part of the corner is how the decor incorporates into the cats’ active lives. High up pathways give cats a place to climb as well as a place to outrun grabby hands. Cat beds and toys are a bit crowded on the floor and can easily trip you up if you udon’t watch out, so be careful. Even with the brighter interior, there’s a quieter and dimmer room with more refined furniture for people and cats with different tastes.

      Overall, the service was mildly friendly. The employee at the front desk was more than happy to explain the whole setup and answer a few nosy questions. After that no one else really talked to us unless we talked first. This was more from how busy they were with the cats than bad service. By the time you pay and sit down with the cats you really don’t need anything else from them unless you get a kitten scratch.

    Though it isn’t a very traditional mall adventure and a bit out of the way from Macarthur, it’s a nice place to spend an hour and decompress from a long week.

    Nine out of ten paws up.