Subz n Stuff


Outside building.

MacArthur High School student Jerri Moyes

    With delis, there’s not a lot you can go wrong with. It’s mostly sandwiches, nothing dazzling to catch your eye. Most are chain restaurants, owned by big corporate employers who make six figures while their employees are lucky to make five. But if you want a real, private owned, friendly feeling deli experience, go to Subz n Stuff.

     Located at 220 Las Colinas Blvd E. #268  in Irving and open 11:00 am – 8:00 pm seven days a week, Subz n Stuff is a very customer friendly place for a quick lunch or a slow dinner. With a wide variety of sandwiches, homemade sauces, and an odd selection of chips, this is a sandwich stop you don’t want to miss.

    The entire time we were there, I only saw three employees working. But in each and their own way, they were kind, courteous and when the owner, Zargham “Jami” Sohail, came up to the counter to take our orders he immediately was curious where we came from, how long we’ve lived in Irving and why he had never seen us come by before. The food did take an annoyingly long time to come out but it was understandable with only three people working.

    When you walk in it’s like stepping out of Irving and right into and New York City deli. Everything seemed inviting and a tad boastful with the number of positive reviews covering some of the tables. With the big open windows, you could see the world go by and even sit at a bar table looking out. And of course you can see the deli counter where they prepare your meals and even the skewer of meat where they get the gyro meat from. There’s a lot of stuff to look at, so maybe the wait was acceptable.

     Gyros have become wildly popular in recent years and there’s not a lot of decent places to get them without emptying out your wallet. Without much background knowledge on proper gyros and going purely on opinion, Subz n Stuff creates a very heavy and very powerful taste. Though it wasn’t exactly the right combination for me, I imagine beef gyro lovers would, well, love this gyro. And for $6.50, it is a bit more manageable of a price.

    On a different end of the spectrum, their chicken salad sandwich was very sweet and had it’s own brand of more gentle but hearty flavor. It’s a tad more expensive than most of the sandwiches (a whopping $8,99) but despite that, it is still a full meal, no chips required.

     The variety of chips available was something you’d expect of-of a sandwich shop. Anywhere from regular Doritos and Cheetos, to brands I’ve never seen before like Honchos and Deep River. Not a bad selection, good for those who want to play it safe and for those who want to jump in and try something new.

     Overall it was a nice change of pace from every fast food chain who wants your order and then wants you out of the way to take the next one. Despite Irving’s large size, the welcoming and familiar nature of employees made a lunch rush feel more relaxed. You just don’t come for the speedy service. It’s still a warm and familiar environment and from the way Jami treats you, you feel like he’s going to remember you next time.

   Four stars out of five.